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We Can Change Your SMILE

No Sensitivity... Really!

Customers who have sensitivity using our products is so rare that we feel comfortable saying "no sensitivity".

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We offer individual, or group whitening

We guarantee you will love your new PEARLY SMILE!

We only use Abella Ultra-White™, the highest quality Professional Teeth Whitening Products. They are made in the USA, Kosher Certified, and 99% sensitivity free..

My Pearly Whites are committed to helping you obtain your whitest smile, using the highest quality product.

Your Whiter Smile can last a life time with proper maintenance and periodic touch ups of course.



Why not? Why pay $400-$600 to go to a dentist to get your teeth whitened, when you can get the same Professional Services at a quarter of the price. My Pearly Whites will offer you a FREE 20-min treatment, {$89. value} just have 6 or more people get their teeth whitened. Who doesn't want Pearly White Teeth?   

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20 min treatment

2-20 min treatments

back to back


2-20 min treatments

back to back


12mo Whitening Kit




Reg. $80. Sale $59.

Maintenance is important when it comes to keeping your teeth their whitest.

Abella Ultra-White™ take home Whitening System not only works great as a stand-alone

tooth whitener but is also ideal for maintenance after an in-office whitening treatment.


35% Whitening Gel

Silicone Mouth Tray

Tray Storage Case




Reg. $40 Sale $20.

Finally a teeth whitening pen that actually works!  Use this whitening pen and make your smile "pop" before a date, party, job interview, prom, picture taking, or any other important event; Also great for preventing stains after drinking coffee, red wine, smoking, etc.

Abella Ultra-White™ Professional Strength Home Maintenance and Whitening System

Abella Ultra-White™ Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Pen

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Christina Cowman

275 N. Glenn Ave

Washington Court House, Ohio 43160


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